XXIX (29) 2018, No. 2 (41)

XXIX (29) 2018, No. 2 (41)
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Better Crops China

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

高效施肥》(原《高產施肥》)于1998年開始出版,是國際植物營養研究所(IPNI)中國項目出版的中文刊物,每年兩期,五月和十月各出版一期。《高效施肥》以深入淺出的方式將先進的科學施肥技術提供給技術人員和農民,提高化肥施用的農學效益、經濟效益和環境效益。歡迎投稿。每期在全國發放8000多冊,可向IPNI北京辦事處、武漢辦事處和成都辦事處免費索取。 Established in 1998, Better Crops China (BCC) is a fully Chinese language publication from IPNI China Program. It is now released twice annually every May and October. BCC is written in Chinese language to promote good agronomic practices - proper and efficient use of inorganic fertilizer with economic and environmental considerations. The regular issue has a circulation of over 8,000 copies distributed throughout China. There is no charge for this technical publication.

For authors submitting an article for publication in Better Crops China, please download the Better Crops China Style Guide.